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We are hiring a Program Manager!

This hiring round is now closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

This is a 3-day per week part-time, remote role, compensated at $60,000 annual pro-rata (e.g. $36,000 for 3 days a week). There will be a three-month probationary period with a paid three week notice period. 


Magnify Mentoring has three related workstreams. You will assist the CEO with all three workstreams, but your primary focus will be the Community component of our work. Due to the size of the organization, it is likely that, with your input, your role and responsibilities will evolve over time. Guidance and active support will be provided regarding all of the below, including support from advisors, consultants, and the CEO. 


  • You will design and implement further opportunities for the community to connect more with one another, for example, with peer-to-peer groups for Magnify community members. 

  • You will proactively explore and suggest new activities to the CEO to effectively support mentees and mentors to fulfill their goals. For example, workshops or training to overcome shared barriers or skill-gaps.    

  • You will be responsible for increasing engagement with Magnify Mentoring’s Slack. 

  • You will also be responsible for redesigning the Magnify Mentoring’s Slack based upon  successful examples of warm, effective online communities (such as the “Impactful Animal Advocacy” Slack).

  • Once set-up, you will be responsible for maintaining the Slack, exploring relevant resources and posting them for the community (for example, conferences, relevant workshops, funding, fellowship, or job opportunities). 

  • You will lightly moderate discussions in accordance with community norms and flag any issues to the CEO for resolution.  


  • This will be one of the primary focuses of the CEO. Magnify Mentoring runs at least 2 rounds a year for women, nonbinary, and trans people. We plan to scale to  run 4 rounds per year. 

  • You will assist the CEO and Advisors with the administrative aspects of matching, including assisting the CEO in emailing mentors with suggested mentees, recording their responses, and completing introductions. 

  • You will assist the CEO to source potential mentors. This will likely include attending relevant conferences and having discussions with mentors about the program.  

  • You may be responsible for helping the CEO have warm calls to connect people who apply for the program but aren’t accepted for the full mentorship program, with relevant resources and forms of support. 


  • This will be one of the primary focuses of the CEO. Possible tasks you will undertake may include sourcing relevant opportunities for mentees and mentors, assisting the CEO to take calls with people looking for work, and helping create tailored recommendations for job roles.


  • You have experience with community building activities. Experience with Slack and online communities would be ideal. 

  • You are excited to support people, including those early in their careers to achieve their goals. 

  • You have experience working successfully with people from a diversity of backgrounds including neuro-atypical people and those from low to middle income households, and a history of creating warm, welcoming interactions and communities.   

  • You care about diversity and inclusivity and prioritize an action-orientated, forward facing, and collaborative approach. 

  • You are a careful, empathetic, and skilled communicator both when crafting community updates and when sending administrative emails.  

  • You are self-motivated, and have the ability to work independently.  

  • You are a safe set of hands for a small, scaling organization. For example, you are professional, respect confidentiality, and can work on tasks in a reliable way even if they are mundane and occasionally boring.

  • You  are motivated by the ideas of Effective Altruism i.e. you care about doing good effectively, and adopting an evidence-based approach. However, you also understand that this leads people to varying conclusions and you can respectfully support a diversity of approaches.

Application process: 

To apply for this position, please email Kathryn a resume or updated LinkedIn profile and cover letter addressing: 

  • Relevant experience regarding the requirements above, 

  • Why you are interested in the role, and, 

  • Based on your knowledge of Magnify Mentoring an idea you’d like to see us implement.

We plan to close applications on the 15th April but will extend the deadline if a suitable candidate is not found. We expect we will conduct interviews with our top 5-10 candidates. You will hear from us regarding the outcome of your application and we will endeavor to provide feedback where possible. Thank you ever so much for your time. 

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