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Magnify Mentoring supports, inspires, and connects a global community of women, non-binary, and trans people of all genders who are motivated to have a positive impact with their careers and lives. Since starting in 2019, we have grown to a global network of over 500 community members, spanning over 50 countries, and all inhabited continents. We are piloting projects to determine the feasibility and effectiveness of expanding our services to support more people with mentorship, specifically those from traditionally underrepresented groups.






Kathryn started her career by securing an undergraduate and master's degree in Law, with a focus on International Law and Human Rights. Prior to starting Magnify Mentoring, she spent the entirety of her career in civil society, working in five countries on human-rights public interest litigation, legal research, and lecturing. She later worked in project management and philanthropic outreach, encouraging donors to support evidence-based and impactful organizations. She founded Magnify Mentoring in 2019 and continues to act as a Consultant on diversity and inclusivity and evidence-based donation strategies. 

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Habiba Islam is an Advisor at 80,000 Hours. Habiba previously served as the Senior Administrator for the Future of Humanity Institute and the Global Priorities Institute at Oxford. Before that, she qualified as a barrister and worked in management consulting specialising in operations for public and third sector clients.

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Karolina is co-founder and Director of Programs at Charity Entrepreneurship. There, she ensures the delivery of key programs across multiple departments. She also trains and mentors Incubation Program participants in starting high-impact charities. Karolina also serves as a Fund Manager at EA Animal Welfare Fund and a board member and advisor for various EA nonprofits and think tanks.

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Muskaan is an undergrad studying engineering in Robotics and AI. She previously co-organized EA India and is now the organizer for her University group. She is very passionate about Global Health and Poverty and is a volunteer at Giving What We Can and ALLFED. Currently, she is on a gap year working as a research assistant at CSIR India, studying ML-powered tools that aid cost-effective diagnostics.

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Catherine is Groups Support for the EA Local Groups team of the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA). She has held many roles as a Community Builder for Effective Altruism including as a founding member of Effective Altruism New Zealand, compiling resources for the LEAN Project, and acting as a manager for SHIC.

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Sky provides support to high impact people and projects in the DC community. She previously served as a Community Liaison at the Center for Effective Altruism. She has established mentorship and internship programs and consults with founders of mentorship programs. She holds a Masters of Public Administration from Gallaudet University and is also an interpreter, primarily for the US federal government. 


Our CEO Kathryn Mecrow-Flynn and Director Catherine Low started Magnify Mentoring (formerly WANBAM) in 2019. Following consultations with women, non-binary and trans people of all genders, we identified mentorship as the most promising approach to inspire, support, and connect people who are motivated to have a positive impact with their careers and lives. Magnify Mentoring started with a group of less than forty mentors and a volunteer CEO and has rapidly grown to a supportive, warm, and truly global network.   


Due to the incredible generosity of our mentors and donors, we now have a full-time team and have supported over 500 women, non-binary and trans people of all genders. Our community now spans over fifty countries, and all inhabited continents. Our members have a tremendous breadth of expertise, ranging from founders of organizations that disseminate accurate information on public health, to leaders in animal-product alternatives, to researchers who examine the opportunities and potential risks of emerging technologies. 

Mentees report that the mentorship program has helped empower them to achieve their goals, connected them with networks and relevant opportunities, built their confidence, and provided a welcoming community to help navigate personal and professional opportunities and challenges. You can read more about their experiences here and here.

We will run a series of pilot projects to help us determine the feasibility and effectiveness of expanding our mentorship program, particularly to target people from traditionally underrepresented groups. 

Two of our directors work at the Centre for Effective Altruism (CEA), from whom we received a grant via the EA Infrastructure Fund. Neither had any previous involvement with Meta Fund grantmaking and will recuse themselves from any input on future grants.

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