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Our mentor and mentee community is a global network.

We have mentors and mentees on all inhabited continents.

Ruby Dickson, USA

"Having been both a mentor and a mentee, I am a huge fan of Magnify Mentoring, its leadership, and its community. 
I first entered the program as a young mentee and econ student, and have grown so much as a result. My mentor was amazingly matched to my needs— a brilliant economist who could speak to both my general concerns about being a woman in economics, as well as the specific questions on research methods and navigating the work world. She was generous with her time, funny, and genuinely inspiring. As a mentor in a later cohort, I was thrilled to be perfectly paired with two mentees who I could guide in their altruistic journey, while also learning a great deal from them. 
Through this mentorship program, I also joined a network of accomplished and kind people who help lift each other up. I’ve made some of the best connections in my life through this program, and I have no intention of leaving this community!"

"This mentorship program has been very helpful, particularly in my career. It provided me a safe space to be myself and allowed me to have closer interactions with a diverse group of people who are also interested in EA. Through the program, I had the opportunity to connect with and get advice from more experienced EAs and other experts in my areas of interest. 

In addition, I get continuous support from my mentor and access to networking opportunities and training. The training we had helped me build my self confidence and taught me how to manage impostor syndrome, which is beneficial as I advance in my career. I absolutely recommend joining Magnify Mentoring."

"Magnify Mentoring is such a fantastic community, I can’t recommend it enough! I initially joined as a mentee. Through this mentorship, I was able to hear about, and consider, different career opportunities. I was able to connect with a wonderful network of welcoming, talented people, very willing to share any advice and support that could be helpful. When I first joined the group, I was considering a big career change, and was worried about being able to make this transition. However, talking to different members and hearing about their varied career trajectories allowed me to feel more confident about the impactful roles that I could aspire to. I also got to talk to community builders in different countries and get some wonderful tips on how to better organize and grow the EA community in the EA group that I am a part of, Altruismo Eficaz y Racionalidad.

I was then very honored to come back to the program, this time as a mentor. In my role as a mentor, I’m using my experience as an academic to advise my mentee on career opportunities and connect her with relevant people to fulfil her goals. This has been very rewarding, and I’m looking forward to hearing about the great things she will be doing in the coming years.

I strongly encourage you to come join this amazing community!"

"This mentorship program has been absolutely invaluable for me and I got so much out of it than I originally thought I would. My mentor helped me see past conventional career paths and showed me how I can use my skills and ambition to try a different career path - to be a charity entrepreneur. 6 months later I got a job offer to do just that! Apart from that, I became a permanent member of this community which offered knowledge exchange and further connections in the EA sphere. The community members are always inspiring me to push myself further - together we can do so much more than on our own. I have also learnt that mentoring others is incredibly satisfying and can be even more beneficial to you than being mentored. I would absolutely encourage you to apply to be either a mentor or a mentee, you just don't know who you'll meet and what amazing things you'll do as a result of these encounters!"

"I have had 4 mentees during my year and a half in the program. Kathryn’s incredible work has also inspired me to take on an additional mentee outside of the program and look for opportunities to help other people in the movement. It has been such a pleasure getting to know intelligent people all over the world with a passion for helping others. The program is very well organized with recommended questions and prompts for meetings which makes my monthly meetings with my mentees very productive. Kathryn has done a wonderful job thinking through how to make these relationships as effective as possible. I am impressed with the focus, intelligence, thoughtfulness, and perseverance of the women I have met at Magnify Mentorship."

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Nicole Rawling, USA

Sofia Balderson, UK

Melanie Basnak, Argentina

Roc Bata, Philippines

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McKenna Fitzgerald, USA

I have had the unique opportunity of being both a mentor and a mentee and find myself lucky to speak to both experiences. As a mentor, I have found my experience to be extremely fulfilling. Magnify Mentoring takes the utmost care when pairing mentors and mentees, and the individuals I have been paired with are bright, ambitious, and driven—they truly inspire me. My experience as a mentee also exceeded my expectations. I was privileged enough to be paired with a mentor I admire and find aspirational. She took the time to talk me through different career goals and educational opportunities, provide resources on topics of interest, connect me with other women in her network, and provide encouragement on professional projects. I was always met with an open mind and practical advice, both of which can go a long way, and I can confidently say that working with my mentor made a positive impact on my professional and personal growth. I am very grateful to have had this opportunity.

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Maya Cygańska, Poland

This mentorship has opened so many doors for me as a mentee and supported me throughout the difficult first steps in my professional career. The community of incredibly inspiring individuals is one of a kind! My mentor helped me understand my strengths and provided invaluable guidance. Now that I am a mentor, I am happy to support mentees in their journey and help them spread their wings. Skills worth developing include career planning, recognizing one's strengths and gaining understanding of mental health needs. Many of us are battling impostor syndrome, and learning to support ourselves rather than downplay our abilities is key to succeed professionally. I recommended Magnify Mentoring to many of my friends and some of them applied for the next round - I am so happy to see people in the EA community grow!

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Uliana Certan, UK

My mentor is supportive and encouraging every step of the way. With her support, I am currently focusing on developing my research skills and experience, navigating the professional sphere, publishing work, narrowing my interests, navigating various options for further education, and identifying a few potential career roadmaps for the mid- and long-term future. I have encouraged many of my peers to join the program and I will continue to do so enthusiastically. It has been a warm environment where I found myself able to take a deep breath, be truly honest with myself and others about the personal and professional roadblocks I face, ask for help and advice, and trust that I will be met with understanding, reassurance, and practical support. I look forward to staying involved with the community and eventually becoming a mentor myself.

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